Sunrise doesn’t last all morning

There’s sth funny going on with this site – but I hope to write the final chapter soon:)

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  1. And the final chapter is like the 1983 Beatles Reunion: it never came…I hope you are more alive than Lennon!

    While writing a (Dutch) survey on an Curvator’s item on Lennon & McCartney as wife beaters (o yes! check the songtexts prior to 1966 and don’t you dare go into denial!) I stumbled upon this weblog. For a couple of hours I had a wonderful time. Yes, I was there; the Billy J Kramer and Peter & Gordon and Applejacks singles and all that. It’s quite painful to see 0 reactions everywhere, I mean, it’s not that Beatle generation acquaintances have become extinct like World War I veterans, do they? But that’s internet for you. I’m very happy to have been able to read this journey into sentiment, and return a sound.

    Just a few remarks: ever since I saw him effortlessly performing ‘I believe’ in the 1964 BBC Beatles special, Proby is my life long hero. The ‘That means a lot’ bombastics were part of him. It’s one of the records I specifically never want to hear in a L-McC’s version. It is also a rather unusual McCartney song, in this, that he wrote a song he couldn’t handle himself.

    ‘It’s for you’ is another one where McC’s musical knack shines through, the jazzy flavour may have been a George Martin touch, but it was ahead of it’s (pop)time, and the vocal lines are so wonderful. Only Cilla is allowed to sing this, as far as I’m concerned. The same with her Randy Newman version of ‘I’ve been wrong before’, it’s the absolute definitive one.

    As you mention Billy Kramers vocal restrictions, I miss a remark about ‘Do you want to know a secret’, where Billy must have stormed out of the studio due to instant diarrhoea because that last high note never came! There is a recording where Proby also breaks down (at the end of the truly exhausting ‘Good things are coming my way’, the tempo is far too high for any mortal!) but I’ve never heard a singer fuck up so royally as Billy J Kramer. Kudos for his ‘Trains and boats and planes’ however, here he outshone himself.

    Praise also for mentioning the Applejacks version of ‘I go to sleep’. I remember how angry I got when the record bombed, despite plenty of airplay by the then hip radio stations. Such a magicalrecord. I could KILL Chrissie Hine afterwards. The Applejacks compilation is not so bad, by the way, it features a few very nice B-sides. Anyway, any popgroup using the fabulous mouth harp should be treasured. I’m still waiting for a Pinkertons Assorted Colours compilation.

    Just had to get this off my chest. You really brightened up my day, and in my article I will include your link.

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